Read below to find out about dates, team entry details and more about Under Armour Turf Games in Dubai in 2022. 


Like 2021, we are excited to be hosting back to back Turf Games weekends in Dubai.

WEEKEND 1: Dubai Active Show 28 - 30th Oct

We will be hosting multiple events over the 3 days. Friday the 29th will be our endurance race style, Engine competition and then our Fittest in the City teams of 3 event on the Saturday and Sunday at the Dubai Active Show, World Trade Centre.  Click HERE for all the info and to get signed up.

Mid Week: Training Sessions

Like previous years, we will be hitting up Dubai's best gyms and locations for some fun team training sessions - and of course it will include the famous beach workout. These are open for anyone to get involved - whether you are a Dubai resident or flown in from another country. Full details of each session will be released closer to the time.  These will be held on Mon 31 Oct - Thur 3rd Nov.

WEEKEND 2: Under Armour Turf Games Teams of 6 Competition 4/5th Nov

Read on below for all the info.


We are excited to have Grenade as our major partner across all events this year in Dubai.  No doubt you have seen their bars around gyms or shops in Dubai - if you haven't you will be able to sample all their products at our event in the unreal set up they are bringing.

Their protein bars are high in protein (22-25g), low in sugar (less than 2g), covered in European chocolate making it the ideal sweet snack for any time of day. Their protein shakes are very high in protein (25g), low in sugar, vegetarian and lactose free. These are the perfect snack for any time of day, but especially good after a workout as they are delicious and ready-to-drink.


We are excited to announce that the 2022 Dubai Turf Fitness City Series will be hosted at the - 


Located in Sport City, Dubai - this huge facility has an array of facilities that allow us to test all athletes and to enhance the experience for competitors and spectators alike.

With a large field and track, plus great viewing grandstand, we are looking forward to putting together this years event at ISD Dubai.


We are excited to have Under Armour back as our Naming Partner for our 2022 Dubai City Series event. 

FREE Under Armour Turf Games Athlete Tee

As part of the partnership ALL athletes will receive a free Under Armour Turf Games top which will be able to be picked up in their Dubai Mall store from 28/10 until 3/11.  Athletes will be emailed details closer to the time for pick up.


The Mixed teams of 6 competition will be held on - 

  • Friday 4th November from 4pm (Elite Teams only)
  • Saturday 5th November - All teams from 8am

Please see below information on competing days for different divisions.

Please scroll right to the bottom of the page to see some FAQs.


This will be a MIXED Teams only comp.  Each team will be made up of 6 athletes - 3 males + 3 females. 

There will be a choice of 3 Divisions to enter 

  • Everyday
  • Intermediate
  • Elite

Please see information below on what you should be able to do in order to take part in each division.

SWIMMING - Please note there is NO swimming at this years event



We want to encourage as many gyms and communities to bring a big crew to compete on the TURF ... we promise it will be the best weekend of fitness and fun you have had!  In London and Australia we get gyms entering up to 10 teams for our comps and we know how much of an unreal time they have.

What better way to celebrate your community and all the hard work on the gym floor then on at the Turf Dubai City Series surrounded by thousands of others cheering you on. 


The below weights are assuming you can perform multiple reps at these weights (5-8 reps). 

AKBS = American kettlebell swings / RKBS = Russian kettlebell swings
TTB = Toes to bar / STOH = Shoulder to Overhead. 

The list above is a guide only and is not exhaustive, the listed movements may or may not appear in the comp.  There may be other movements like sled pushes, 2/4 person worm movements, different barbell movements plus more, included in the workouts.

Please note there will NOT be, in any division - muscle ups, HSPU, handstand walks, barbell snatch, overhead DB/barbell squats.

SWIMMING - Please note there is NO swimming at this years event

Please see below with information as to which division you should enter. We ask that you respect that divisions. 



Elite Teams only - Friday Night Lights from 4pm until 9pm


All teams will be be competing on Saturday 5th November - 

  • Elite Teams
  • Intermediate Teams
  • Everyday Teams

8am Athlete registration until 6pm.

We are excited to have Under Armour Middle East back on board for the event with some great athlete activations and prizes for teams that make the podium.


Team entry price will be :-

Elite Teams - $450 USD / Team of 6 ($75 each athlete)

Intermediate + Everyday teams - $390 / team of 6 ($65 each athlete)


We have some big prizes on offer for teams who make the podium at this years team event. 

The Champion Elite Team will win $3,000usd cash

Elite 2nd Place Team will win $1,500usd cash

Elite 3rd Place Team will win $500usd cash

The Champion Intermediate + Everyday Teams will win a 18,000 AED team (3,000AED / athlete) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store only.

Intermediate + Everyday 2nd Place Team will win a 12,000 AED team (2,000AED / athlete) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store only.

Intermediate + Everyday 3rd Place Team will win a 6,000 AED team (1,000AED / athlete) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store only.



We would like to thank our partners for supporting the event.


We have partnered with Zabeel House on the Greens for our stay this year.  They are offering all attendees 15% off during the Turf Games.  If you would like to stay at the hotel, please email us at for info.


More than ever, with the large number of people taking part in Turf Games, we ask that you respect the divisions and enter the appropriate division to your teams level of functional fitness.


This is our entry level division - for those who are new to fitness comps - maybe competed once or twice before, work out a few times a week.

If you are wanting to be on the TURF, have an epic day out with your friends, throw around a few high fives and enjoy the atmosphere - but ultimately have a FUN SOCIAL day - this division is for you.  At the end of the comp, you will learn about yourself and your fitness and be able to go away and sharpen your strengths and build on your weaknesses.

If you have a sport back ground and work in the fitness industry (PT/CF Coach, own a gym etc), you should and need to be entering the Intermediate or Elite category - scroll down to read.  

Example of people who should enter the everyday category are -

  • First timers to fitness comps, or have only competed for 'fun' a couple of times
  • Those who train a few times a week
  • Those who work in office/non fitness jobs, enjoy teamwork and a rewarding challenge.

The winning Everyday team will win some prizes from our partners


Those athletes and teams who have competed in fitness comps before or come from a sport / fitness background.  Athletes are up for a challenge and are keen to test their metal in the the Intermediate category and see if they can top the tables.   

If you are a PT/CF Coach or have a seasoned sporting background - this category is for you. Workouts will be very similar to the Elite category, the big difference will be the level of team you will be up against and the weight set on some movements. There will be partner prizes for the winner of this category, no cash prize.


Athletes and teams who are the best of the best - there aren't any holes in your game! You want to vie for top spot and be crowned the undisputed best team on the Turf at the 2022 Dubai Fitness City Series. You will be in the running to win some big prizes including cash and spots at our international Turf Games events. You are on the TURF to really push yourself and want to go all in - just like the way you train!

Please respect the categories and ensure that your team enters the right category to make it a fair and fun competition for all. Any eligibility questions or queries on which team you should enter, please email


Elite Division - will compete in workouts both Friday night and Saturday. Workouts will range from 10 minutes to 25 minute time cap workouts and will test all aspects of fitness from strength, power, conditioning and endurance.

Intermediate Divisions+ Everyday Division - will compete in a range of workouts on Saturday 5th November  These workouts will have test your teamwork ensuring that the team that works together as a cohesive unit, will stand atop the podium.

Any questions please email


Our amazing events would not be what they are without our incredible team of volunteers.  Everyone who joins the team over the weekend will be kitted out by Under Armour Dubai with tops, bottoms and shoes, as well as receive drinks, snacks and food all weekend. It's a weekend not to be missed. Please CLICK HERE to join the team.




Of course, it wouldn't be a festival without a cheer squad. The ISD Football Stadium is a huge venue which will allow more people to come along, have a great weekend, support their mates or just enjoy the food, drinks, music and atmosphere of the festival - it is a weekend not to be missed. Spectator information will be coming out soon.


When you enter, you will buy a team spot in the Division - Elite, Intermediate or Everyday - you want to enter. At time of purchase, all you need is - 1. A card to purchase the entry 2. A team name (which can be changed leading up to the event) Either set up an account before hand or on 9th August on Team Aretas ( Please note, you don't need to link or know who your other 5 team mates will be when you buy the team. You then have up until the event date to link your other 5 team mates to your team. However, we advise you link your team mates as soon as possible so they receive all the event key info leading into the event • Please note, you can only buy one team per email address/account on Team Aretas. If you are wanting to enter multiple teams for your friends or your gym then you will need to have different email addresses set up or get some others to buy the team.


100% - this is why Turf Games started. A huge number of people who have done the Turf Games - be it in London, Dubai, Sydney or LA - we were there very first fitness comp. They signed up, they trained with there team and they took to the TURF. We must warn you, once you do one - you will be addicted. Make sure you read the 3 Divisions guidance and enter the division for you. If you are new to fitness comps, and only train say 2 or 3 times a week - sign up to the Everyday Division.