Gold Coast Summer Festival 2024

We are excited to be back on the Gold Coast for round 3 of our Summer Festival - this time bigger and better than ever before.

The 2024 festival will be held over the weekend of 14/15th September. Please find all the relevant info below.


Gold Coast Performance Centre, 1 Sports Drive, Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216


Like our 2023 Gold Coast Summer Festival, there will be 3 Divisions to enter - 

  • Everyday - compete Saturday only
  • Intermediate - compete Sat + Sun
  • Elite - compete Sat + Sun

All teams will be 6 athletes and must be made up of 3 male + 3 female athletes.  Please see information below on division guidance


When team entry goes live on Thursday 7th March @ 7pm QLD time, all you need to do is buy your team. It isn't required that you know, or link your other 5 athletes to the team upon purchase - this can be done at a later date. You will need to give your team a name - don't worry - this can be changed up until 4 weeks before the competition.

Can I buy multiple teams? Short answer is YES! However, you can only buy one team per account on Team Aretas. So if you want to buy multiple teams you either need multiple accounts on Team Aretas (different email address), or have some friends, members purchase the other teams.


The below weights are assuming you can perform multiple reps at these weights (5-8 reps).  This is the minimum work standards.  There will be other movements in the competition aside from what is listed below (things that may come up are - sled pushes, 2/4 person worm movements, different barbell movements plus more).

Weights in the competition may vary from the below. If you can achieve the below movements with the weights listed - you will be able to do Turf Games in the relevant division.  The competition will be programmed around fun, challenging workouts, designed to test teams based around what athletes in each division are capable of.

The list above is a guide only and is not exhaustive, the listed movements may or may not appear in the comp. 

Please note there will NOT be, in any division - muscle ups, HSPU, handstand walks, butterfly or kipping pull ups.


There will be swimming for ALL divisions at this year's event.

  • Everyday - athletes should be able to swim minimum 1 x 25m length.
  • Intermediate - At least 4 athletes should be able to swim minimum 1 x 50m length. 
  • Elite - all athletes should be able to swim minimum 1 x 50m length

Please see below information as to which division you should enter. We ask that you respect that division's standards. 


SATURDAY - GAME DAY 1 - 14th September

Saturday 14/09, heats from 8.00am until 6pm, teams competing will be

  • ALL Teams

SUNDAY - GAME DAY 2 - 15th September

Sunday 15/09, heats from 7.15am until 3.30pm, teams competing will be

  • ALL Intermediate + Elite Teams


Team entry will be

  • Everyday Teams (Saturday only) -  $900 (6 athletes @ $150 each)
  • Intermediate + Elite Teams (Sat + Sun) - $1,110 (6 athletes @ $185 each)

*Team entry is non-refundable unless the event date is changed or the event is cancelled 


More than ever, with the large number of people taking part in Turf Games, we ask that you respect the divisions and enter the appropriate division to your teams level of functional fitness.


Below is an outline of the Everyday, Intermediate and Elite Divisions and guidance on which one you should enter. We ask that you respect these divisions and enter the appropriate one for your team's ability and level of functional fitness.

CLICK HERE for Division Guidance Information

Once again please respect the divisions and ensure that your team enters the right one to make it a fair and fun competition for all. Any eligibility questions or queries on which team you should enter, please email


We had such an amazing team on the Goldie for our 2023 event and we can't wait to meet more great people this year. Our events would not be what they are without our incredible team of volunteers. Everyone who joins the team over the weekend will receive drinks, snacks and food all weekend as well as a Turf Games top. It's a weekend not to be missed. Please click HERE to find out more and put your name down to be part of Team Turf!


Gold Coast Performance Centre, 1 Sports Drive, Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216 


CLICK HERE to get yours for either Saturday or Sunday, or a weekend ticket. There be great food, drinks, music, brand activations as well as all the action in the workout arenas. Come along and enjoy an unreal weekend.