Please respect the Divisions


More than ever, with the large number of people taking part in Turf Games, we ask that you respect the divisions and enter the appropriate division for your teams level of functional fitness. 


This is our ENTRY LEVEL division - for those who are new to fitness comps - maybe competed a handful of times, work out a few times a week.

If you are wanting to be on the TURF, have an epic day out with your friends, throw around a few high fives and enjoy the atmosphere - but ultimately have a FUN SOCIAL day - this division is for you.  At the end of the comp, you will learn about yourself as an athlete and be able to go away and sharpen your strengths and build on your weakness's.

If you have a sport back ground and work in the fitness industry (PT/CF Coach, own a gym etc), you should and need to be entering the Intermediate or Elite category.  

Everyday Athlete teams are permitted to have -

  • Maximum one athlete who has competed in an Intermediate Division at a Turf Games before.
  • No athlete who has competed in the Elite Division is permitted to compete in the Everyday Division
  • Maximum 2 athletes who have won an Everyday Category previously
  • PLEASE NOTE - having an injury does not provide a reason for you to compete in everyday - you must still meet all the above criteria.

Example of people who should enter the everyday category are -

  • You scale workouts at your gym frequently or all the time.
  • First timers to fitness comps, or have only competed for 'fun' a few times
  • Those who train a few times a week
  • Those who work in office/non fitness jobs, enjoy teamwork and a rewarding challenge.

Please note, if your team finished in the top 10 spots in the Everyday Division -  you should seriously consider competing in Intermediate at your next Turf comp.

The winning Everyday teams will win some prizes from our partners.

People pulling out of your Everyday Athlete team is not a reason or excuse to fill the team with coaches or intermediate athletes.


Those athletes and teams who have competed in fitness comps before or come from a sport / fitness background.  Athletes are keen to test their fitness in the the Intermediate category and see if they can top the tables.   You've won or podiumed at a comp before in an Everyday or similar style level - it is now time to step up.

If you are a PT/CF Coach or have a seasoned sporting background  - this category is for you.  Workouts will be very similar to the Elite category, the big difference will be the level of team you will be up against and the weight set on some movements. There will be small partner prizes for this category, no cash prize.

Example of people who should enter the intermediate category are -

  • You scale workouts at your gym only occasionally
  • You have been training for some time and have a structured, progressive approach to your training
  • you lift medium to heavy weights
  • You train 3-4+ times a week
  • You have competed at fitness comps before or have been on the podium in the Turf Everyday Division
  • There will not be any hand stands, muscle ups, overhead squats or high skilled gymnastics.  Some members of the team may need to perform low level reps of TTB (toes to bar)


Athletes and teams who are the best of the best - there aren't any holes in your game! You want to vie for top spot and be crowned the undisputed best team on the Turf.  You are on the TURF to really push yourself, go up against some great functional fitness athletes and you want to go all in - just like the way you train!

Example of people who should enter the elite category are -

  • You don't scale workouts at your gym 
  • You have been training for some time and have a structured, progressive approach to your training
  • You train 4-5+ times per week
  • You lift heavy (RX+ level weights)
  • You have competed at multiple fitness comps before or have been on the podium in the Turf Intermediate Division
  • There will not be any hand stands, muscle ups or high skilled gymnastics.  You should be able to perform reps of TTB (toes to bar)

Turf Games reserves the right to adjust or amend a teams entered division at their sole discretion.  Athletes competing in an incorrect division based on various factors, will be requested to move accordingly, or in some cases removed from a podium postion.


Turf Games prohibits athletes from using any performance enhancing, illegal substances. If it is found that an athlete is under the influence or use of such substances or alcohol, Turf Games reserves the right to DISQUALIFY the athlete AND THEIR TEAM from the competition and/or revoke any prizes earned while under the influence or during the use of such substances. 

If any athlete is currently serving a ban from any other sporting organistaion/governing body for drug use, they are not permitted to compete at a Turf Games event.  This does not create a 'level playing field' for the community.  

Please respect the categories and ensure that your team enters the right category to make it a fair and fun competition for all.  Any eligibility questions or queries on which division you should enter, please email caroline@turfgames.com.