Turf Games is a community that is built on inclusivity, authenticity and camaraderie.  We  believe in bringing people together, working as a team to achieve common goals, encouraging people to reach a higher level and connecting with like minded people through the love of functional fitness. 

No matter what your fitness level, from Turf rookie to an elite athlete, there is a spot for you on the TURF.  We don't do any technical heavy Oly lifting or gymnastic styles of workouts - so if you have raw strength and power or decent endurance levels - Turf Games is for you.

Events are at the core of what we do, however, Turf Games is a complete functional fitness journey // Train . Compete . Recover //  Below is information on the different events that we host that encompass these three pillars.

Over the course of 2022, there will be Turf Games events all over the world, from small in gym Training Days to large festivals.

The Events


The Turf Games festivals are our largest events, they have the most competitors, the most spectators and the biggest vibe. They combine a ‘festival’ atmosphere with great workouts, music and a festival village with food, drinks and other exhibitors.

The festivals feature team-based workouts across (normally) Elite, Intermediate and Everyday divisions where the workouts will be graded to suit the three levels.  People can enter which ever division they like – want to have fun with your friends, take some selfies, limited barbell work and are maybe new to fitness competitions – the Everyday is for you. Want to challenge yourself, enjoy competing in functional fitness and have some great team mates – oh and really want that ‘beer’ at the end of the day to taste even sweeter –Intermediate is waiting! Take your training and competing seriously and want a shot at the title to be the undisputed Champions of the TURF - sign up to ELITE!


See table below for a guide as to weights and movements that may appear in certain divisions.  The weight for each movement is a weight that you should be able to achieve 5+ reps of to be able to do that division. Please note, these movements may vary and may not appear in every comp.  Please check the comp page when you sign up for relevant information.


Festivals have ‘winner takes all finals’. The atmosphere during the finals is MASSIVE in the amphitheater style arena we build – these are not to be missed.



These are smaller competitions in ‘new’ cities where we are bringing the Under Armour Turf Games community. Think of the City Series like the little sibling to the festivals. We aim to pack in just as much sweat, vibe and fun but the locations are smaller and competitor numbers less. So far all City Series have been a huge success so it will just be a matter of time before these destinations will have their own festival too. Check out the 2021 Dubai wrap up video to find out more about what we got up to in those cities during our City Series weeks.

All workouts are team-based (5 athletes per team – generally mixed teams). Divisions and standards from city to city. 



These are workouts that we host throughout the year at different locations. They are the perfect way to get your first Turf Games experience or if you have signed up to an upcoming event – fine tune those skills.  

These sessions are open to anyone - ALL levels and abilities – once they go on sale you can buy your spot.  You don't have to be signed up to compete at an event to come along.  Training Sessions are either team based workouts or skill/education/recovery style sessions.   Not only are they a great way to train for a Turf Games, they also give you the chance to meet people in the community and gain experience in competing as a team - either come by yourself or with members of your team. They also offer the chance to train at some of the best gyms and studios in the country or the city we are in. Stay tuned for the release of the next sessions as they sell out fast.



The Pairs COMBINE launched as a new competition format during the stop/start and restrictive nature of 2020.  This event format sees pairs - either male, female or mixed - compete in a circa 60 minute window across 4 x 10 minute workouts with a 5 minute break in between.  The competition proved so successful we have taken it to cities all across the UK, with new locations being added all the time.  

What started as an invite only individual competition, based on how your team has done at previous Turf Games events, has evolved into something much bigger.  The Fittest in the City has evolved to a pairs competition – allowing the Turf Games trademarks – tactics and team work - to come into play. The winning male/female pair will be crowned ‘Fittest in the City’ and receive prizes plus more.    

The FITC is a fast pace, unique style of competition where athletes waterfall through a series of unique workouts making it a great spectator event with huge numbers coming to watch the athletes battle it out for the sought after ‘Fittest in the City’ title.

The format is perfect to be hosted in gyms - anywhere in the world, and as such we are always looking for new locations.  Want to explore hosting a COMBINE at your gym - email us at team@turfgames.com to find out more.



Since the world was lockdown in March 2020. We adapted the Turf Games concept and launched our first ‘At Home’ bodyweight competition.  These competitions started as a way to get people moving, give people a focus and a reason to connect in what were a few ‘dark months’ during the COVID-19 crises.  So far we have adapted the competitions to include mixed pairs and also a KB/DB competition.  Our first two Home Games had over 4,000 people from 35 countries take part helping grow and connect the community even further.  These events were free to enter with some unreal prizes from our brand partners.

Stay tuned as our digital competitions evolve throughout 2022.  

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