The Under Armour Turf Games is coming to Scotland for the first time!


We are excited to be hosting our first event in Scotland at the Scottish National Performance Centre for Sport - Oriam.

We will be bringing all the buzz and excitement of the Turf Games for the weekend - big atmosphere, great community and the perfect amphitheater to test your fitness and have fun with your friends.

The competition will take place on Saturday 2nd October, 9am until 6pm and will be a Mixed Team event - 5 athletes.

Teams will be comprised of 3 males and 2 females (ideally), or can be 3 females and 2 males.

There will be two divisions - 

  1. OPEN - for the more serious competitor and team who want to express their athleticism against the best and win a place on the TURF at our Dubai event on November 4/5th.
  2. EVERYDAY - for those who want to be involved but want slightly less intensity than the OPEN division - the Everday category is for you


Teams will compete in a series of 4 workouts over the day. The workouts will be programmed in such a way that tactics will prevail over all else - how well does your team work together to communicate and execute the workout?  The top 4 teams in the ELITE division will qualify for the winner takes all final to be crowned the Edinburgh City Series CHAMPS.  The winner at the end of the 4 workouts of the EVERYDAY category will be crowned winners of that division.


Team entry will open on the 15th of July.  The cost for a team of 5 will be £330. 



If you are wanting to be on the TURF and a part of the Edinburgh City Series, have an epic day out with your friends throw around a few high fives and enjoy the atmosphere - but ultimately have a FUN SOCIAL day - this division is for you.  The movements may not come up in workouts at the competition, but if you can do the below you will have no issues competing and doing well.

  • 10 x DB Snatch - 12.5kg/17.5kg
  • 30sec Assault bike - 5/10 calories
  • 20m Dead Ball Carry - 20kg/40kg
  • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 20/40kg
  • 6 x Barbell Shoulder Press - 25kg/40kg
  • 8 x Deadlift - 50kg/80kg
  • 1km Row/Ski sub - 5.30min/4.30min


Want to push yourself a little further to see how far your team can go across a range of fun but tougher workouts and challenges and potentially win some big prizes - lock in the OPEN category! This will be similar to our 'Elite' category we run at our other events, but not quite as 'heavy'.

  • 10 x DB Snatch - 15kg/22.5kg
  • 30sec Assault bike - 8/14 calories
  • 20m Dead Ball Carry - 30kg/50kg
  • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 30/50kg
  • 8 x Shoulder Barbell Push Press/Front Squat - 35kg/50kg
  • 8 x Deadlift - 60kg/100kg
  • 1km Row/Ski sub - 4.30min/3.45min


The winning ELITE Mixed team will win £1,200 cash plus free entry to our Dubai City Series Mixed Team Competition at Max & Aegle on 4/5th November.  2nd and 3rd placed teams will win prize packs from our partners.

The top 3 place finishes in the Everyday category will win a partner prize pack.


Want to volunteer as a judge or crew member to help make the 2021 Edinburgh City Series  amazing?  We are on the lookout for people to join our team in roles such as master judge, judge, crew, equipment set up and more.  Everyone who joins will be kitted out in Under Armour Gear, receive food and snacks all day and also a Optimum Nutrition pack.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned fitness competition expert or it's your first time, we would love to have you.

We will also have car parking for any member of our team over the weekend.