For those who were part of the community in early 2020 will remember our first 3 Home Games that took place March - June 2020. Individual, pairs, bodyweight, equipment - we covered all bases and had loads of fun. More than 4,500 people from 35 countries took part - it was EPIC!

We find ourselves in a similar situation (those in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere anyway), so we go again!


This time around we have designed a new Individual based competition where your score will contribute to your TEAM. 

In these strange and unprecedented times it is more important than ever that we stay connected - albeit virtually.

For many of us, the only place to work out now is in your own home, backyard or a solo walk/run (in some countries), it can be quite hard to find motivation or variety.

The way it works - 

  • We will create 8 teams with our partners and ambassadors - each having a team captain from our community
  • You sign up to the comp as an individual athlete - male or female
  • We will allocate all athletes randomly to each team
  • When the workouts are released you complete the workouts as an individual, with your ranking on the leaderboard contributing to your teams overall score.
  • Best bit - there will be two leaderboards - you can see how you place as an individual and also how your team is placed.
  • For example, say you completed the RX workouts and came 20th in a workout for males and a team mate came 17th. That would give your team 37 points, and so on. The team with the lowest amount of points wins.

HOME GAMES 4.0 is open to everyone in the world - not matter what city or country you are in - just get involved.

We will be randomly assigning you to a team, remember this 'competition' is designed to break up your day, keep moving, connect with others in the community and have some fun, and who knows, maybe win some prizes.

There will be no need to film workouts, just submit your scores on our live scoreboard. We will work on an honesty system and trust everyone will enter accurate score and complete movements correctly. However, we do encourage you to film the workouts and put them on Insta stories so we can give any feedback, give you encouragement and reshare your effort and spread the positive vibes.


  1. Under Armour captained by Lee Phillips and Zoe Lawrenson
  2. Optimum Nutrition captained by Ben Kilner
  3. BLK BOX captained by Luke Ebron and Catherine Mclaughlin
  4. Fresh Fitness Food captained by Harvey Lawton and Hannah Norris
  5. The Barbarians captained by Faisal Abdalla
  6. Turf Games All Stars captained by James Pook and Becs Sandwith
  7. Turf Titans captained by Tara-Lee Howlin and Fred Silcock
  8. Pure Sport CBD captained by Livvy Tompkins and Josh Al-chammaa

To find out what team you are in - head to the leaderboard after the first workout goes live and on the individual leaderboard, below your name will be the team you are in. To see who else is in your team, you can click on the team leaderboard, then a team name and it will expand showing all team members.


Entry to the competition will open on Monday the 11th January. 

The cost to be part of the competition will be £8.  

As part of your entry, you will also get

  • Exclusive discounts from all our partner brands for the duration of the competition - equipment, supplements, food, apparel - everything you need to ramp up your functional fitness journey and make 2021 your best year yet.
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Competition Community where we will captains and athletes will be connected throwing around some tips, tactics and banter
  • Who knows you might meet some amazing new people - there is no better way to bond then through hard work (and fun)!


When you sign up to the competition - you will only select - male or female. Depending on your age, we will enter you into other sub categories - Master 35+ or teens for example. So you will be able to see how you place on the overall leaderboard as well as within your age bracket.


    All those athletes that take part will go in the draw to win a prize pack put together by all our partner brands as listed above. This will be awarded to one male and one female. In order to be eligible you must submit scores for all 5 workouts.

    Other prizes from our partners will be awarded throughout the competition based on athletes who complete workouts and submit scores.


    At a time when health should be paramount, please ensure you read the signs of your body. If you are feeling unwell at all, please do not take part in these games or workouts. While these workouts are for a 'score', we do not want people pushing themselves into the red zone each day. Listen to your body, have some fun with the workouts but don't put yourself in to a 'dark place' each time. Over the coming weeks and potentially months, it is a great time to work on your breathing, your mobility, sleep and nutrition. Pay attention to your body.


    There will be 4 workouts + a sideshow alley workout to complete during the competition.

    The workouts will require a DB or KB to complete, you can have any weight you like, however, we know everyone has access to different weights at home so we will have two 'categories of workouts'.

    The standard workouts which are on the scoring software will be deemed to be 'RX' will require you to have a 22.5kg or 15kg DB (male/female). If you have any other weight of DB or KB lighter than these 2, you will enter your scores, according to the software as 'scaled' . If your weight is heavier than 22.5/15kg - then you also enter your score as RX.

    Workout 1 - will go live on Friday 15th January at 9am GMT, score entered in by Friday 22nd.

    Sideshow Alley - will go live Saturday 16th January 9am and you will have until Monday 1st Feb to enter this score

    Workout 2 - will go live on Tuesday 19th January at 9am GMT, score entered in by Tuesday 26th.

    Workout 3 - will go live on Friday 22nd January at 9am GMT, score entered in by Monday 1st Feb

    Workout 4 - will go live on Tuesday 26th January at 9am GMT, score entered in by Monday 1st Feb. 


    On the leaderboard, all the 'RX' athletes will appear at the top, then all the scaled below. For example, if 50 athletes do the RX workout, and you do the scaled and get the best score, you will appear 51st on the leaderboard - with 51 points be allocated to your teams tally. You need to click on the individual workouts (ONE / TWO etc) to see which athletes have done 'RX' as they will have the RX symbol next to them.



    Getting a fast time or high score is great - but watching the movements standards, reading the workout and doing PERFECT REPS is greater! 

    The next step is to login to your account, complete the workouts and enter your scores.

    • Login to your account that you registered for the competition, click on the ADD SCORE button, view the workout and enter your score by hitting 'submit'.
    • If you are using a 22.5kg (male) or 15kg (female) dumbbell, you will need to select 'RX'  
    • Any other weight of DB or KB - you need to select 'scaled' when entering your score.
    • You DO NOT have to upload a video of you doing the workout - this is an honesty based 'competition' with prizes for participation, not winning as such
    • However, if you film your workout, make sure you a post a story tagging @turfgames so we can reshare and have more chance of winning some prizes. For more chances of being shared, you can tag @underarmouruk, @blkboxfitness, @optimumnutrition_uk @freshfitnessfood and @puresportcbd.
    • ALL workouts need there scores submitted by 4pm on the due dates as per abvoe
    • You can redo the workout, enter your as many times as you like before entering the final score deadline as stated above

      Make sure when you take part in the workouts you tag us in your stories so we can share everyone's efforts.


      ARE YOU IN?